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Learn Irish Trad Guitar with Frank’s books and CDs.

With the release of Volume 2, players wishing to learn Irish trad guitar can develop their skills further, and continue to build a style.

While the essential styles were moulded by a small number of guitarists since the 70’s, in the last ten years or so, these have been expanded, and many of today’s prominent players now incorporate elements of the earlier innovators. You can check out the list of players who I feel have made a significant contribution to the broadening of styles here in this website. Where possible, I’ve added Youtube links to them playing! In 2005, I recorded a CD with Angela Deane, a fine whistle and flute player from my native Co.Mayo, on which I arranged all of the accompaniment for guitar (and double bass). This album is the basis for this book and recording, and as it turns out very suitable if you want to learn Irish trad guitar. I used quite a variety of contemporary rhythmic and chordal approaches, and there are lots of different tune types here, so all in all, I think it offers good opportunities to broaden your scope and competence as an accompanist. Of course, as with any developing art form, no one playing style is going to appeal to everyone. However, the range here is broader than you will find on most of today’s recordings, as most players have a finely honed identifiable individual style, which is what makes them stand out as musicians. I’ve used both DADGBD and DADGBE, and I’ve used fingers- and plectrum-approaches, on both steel strung and nylon strung guitars.

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