Contents of Vol 2

1. Getting Acquainted

        About the Author
        Selected discography (of the author)

2. About the Companion CD

3. Introduction
        About This Book
        Update on leading accompanists 
        Guide to Notation used in Volume 2
        Guide to Common Tunings
        Guide to Accompaniment Styles

4. The Tunes
        About the Recording
        General Accompaniment Tips
        The Nashville Number System

5. CD Track listing
      Reels: Poll an Madra Uisce/Devaney’s Goat/The New Policeman
      Jigs: The Rambler/Widow Brady/Gan Ainm
      Reels: Trip to Birmingham/Roscommon Reel
      Hornpipes: The Liverpool Hornpipe/Groves of Slaney
      Reels: Geoghan’s/McDonagh’s/The Graf Spee
      Slip Jigs: Gan Ainm/Fig for a Kiss
      Reels: Piano: Gorman’s/Ned Killeens
      Reels: Bucks of Oranmore/Wind that Shakes the Barley
      Jigs: Frieze Britches/John McGrath’s
      Reels: Paddy Mill’s Fancy/Cúir na Caille
      Hornpipes: The Smokey Chimney/Miss Galvins
      Reels: Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie/Tie the Bonnet
      Jigs: Na Ceann a’bhain bána/Johnny Ward’s
      Reel: The Old Road to Garry
      Jigs: Devines/Blarney Pilgrim
      Reels: Jolly Tinker/New Mown Meadow

6. Appendix
      Scale Tone Chords
      Youtube links to leading players
      Discography of leading players