The accompanying CD

The recording has 40 tracks in all.  The tunes are played by some of the finest musicians playing Irish music today and include fiddlers Mick Conneely, Teresa Heanue, Eilish O’Connor and Karen Ryan,  and Alan Kelly on piano accordion.

Tracks 1-14 are with accompaniment, tracks 27-40 are the same without accompaniment. (Tracks 15-26 are some tutorial playing samples, referenced in the book.)

Track Listing. 

1, 27 Mist-covered mountain/The rakes of Kildare

2, 28 Pigeon on the gate/The Shaskeen reel

3, 29 The trip to Athlone/The rambling pitchfork

4, 30 Julia Delaney/My love is in America

5, 31 My darling asleep/Boys of the town

6, 32 Flogging reel/The whistling postman

7, 33 John Brady’s/Hexham races

8, 34 Pigtown fling/Roly-poly

9, 35 Dr O’Neill/The mug of brown ale (Click to play)

10, 36 Eddie Kelly’s jig/Gerry’s Beaver Hat

11, 37 Pretty Peg/The baker

12, 38 Fred Finn’s/Music in the glen

13, 39 Cooley’s hornpipe/The home ruler

14, 40 Shoemaker’s daughter/Dinkie’s reel

15-26 DADGAD Examples