Irish Music Magazine says…For such a slim volume Frank’s book packs in an enormous amount.  There is no need to look any further for history, background development or technical detail on guitar playing in Irish music.  I suppose the real delight in this book is how easy it is to access and follow information and instruction at whatever level you enter the guitar arena….Frank is entirely practical in his advice….  for the full text click here

The JMI – The Journal of Music In Ireland says…There are several facets of Kilkelly’s tutoring method that are both pragmatically innovative and sufficiently detailed to keep even the dedicated scholar busy for some considerable time…..from the very beginning the scholar has an opportunity to approach accompaniment in tuning of their choice while gaining and understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the other tunings available…..I like Frank Kilkelly’s book. ….for the full text click here

Acoustic Guitar says….written from a professional accompanist’s point of view…… explains how to accompany tunes effectively and provides tips on choosing the right equipment….Guitarists will also benefit from this book’s section on music theory for the full text click here

Magpie Magazine says…Nothing is assumed in Frank Kilkelly’s new book…..the reader is eager to seriously learn something of the accompaniment of Irish traditional music on guitar… invaluable asset to guitar players be they from a traditional background or not.  for the full text click here