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The video version of my books is now complete, and ready to be launched. There are 30 video lessons, and each lesson comes with a performance video, a chord chart, chord windows, and an mp3 of the tunes without accompaniment, so you can have a go yourself when you're ready. Sign up for an invitation to the launch here.

I've been playing Irish trad guitar backing for over 30 years. I've toured worldwide and recorded with many different Irish musicians, and I've put much of what I've learned into two books and Cds, in order to pass on my knowledge in an effective way. Please read the reviews of Volume 1, they will give a clear impression of what you can expect from the book. Volume 2 has just been published, and follows in the same approach as Volume 1, with further developments in the styles being used by today's accompanists.

In addition, I've assembled a few essential accessories that I find indispensible and made them available at very reasonable prices, with even more discounts if you're buying a book as well. Click on the items below to take you straight to the shop page.

I hope you find what you're looking for. If I can help in any way, please get in touch on the contact page, and remember, keep playing!