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I recommend the book and CD together, to get the full learning experience!



This 40 page book is packed with information and, together with the accompanying CD is the most comprehensive guide to accompaniment available.
The book is divided into three sections.

Section 1: The art of accompaniment looks at the developing art, noting its emergence in Irish music since the Irish traditional music revival of the late sixties onwards.  Leading contributors to the broadening of accompaniment styles are introduced, and there are some general suggestions on how to learn the art of effective and tasteful accompaniment.

Section 2: Getting started takes a look at the tools for the job, from buying a suitable guitar to capos, pick-ups and de-tuning devices.  There are guidelines to help you in your approach to studying and playing the guitar and notes on how to read the notation used in this book.

Section 3: Tunings and styles is the main section, which was created in tandem with the accompanying soundtrack. It takes a close look at a number of different ways of approaching accompaniment. On the sound-track there are 14 sets of popular session tunes, with accompaniment using various right hand styles and four different tunings.



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